The history of the Isle Of Portland stretches back until the Mesolithic period (10,000 – 5000 BC) and there is documented archaeological evidence of inhabitants at the Culverwell Mesolithic Site which is near to Portland Bill. Thanks to its location, it has been the subject of Roman and Viking raids and inhabitation and much archaeological evidence has been found from these periods.

Portland Castle was built by Henry VIII and remains today as one of the most spectacular fortresses of the period. Designed to ward off French and Spanish invasions, it again found itself being used in the 20th century in both World War One and World War Two.

The Isle of Portland has long been a known as a naval base but closed down after the end of the Cold War, 1995 being the last year it was in use and the Royal Naval Air Station closed in 1999. However, the runway still remains in use by Her Majesty’s Coastguard Search and Rescue covering an area of around 10,400 square kilometers.

Today the Isle of Portland is a popular tourist hotspot and is visited by people all year round who are looking to visit the delights this beautiful part of Dorset has to offer.